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I'm stuck

I hope there is Chinese language

Maybe in the future


I love this soo much i will add this to my list of favorites <3.


That comment of mine is long ago


Hope for the game updates

Tiger gives me life-


Support!!! Not with money, cuz' I have none. Nice work PedroLibros, you've accurately get my types in men with Tiger and Presodal. Anyways I always read Presodal as Pedrosal😭

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The Wolf route won't show the images

This is kinda scary

Diooooooos ya no puedo esperar la siguiente actualizacion y seguir la ruta de Clarence

La siguiente actualización no es de Clarence, sino de Presodal, pero gracias por tu entusiasmo

Tiger <3 Been keeping up with this for a while now, i'm so invested in Tiger that mean man with a cute side to him is exactly my type. Can't wait to see more, keep up the good work and good health!


me encanta la historia porfavor suban mas actualizaciones y finalizen el juego♡♡


Hey! you have done an insanely good job with this game! I played just all the routet through and I am amazed! jokanen was well embroidered especially the Tiger story remained interesting and I would not wait for his story to continue! continue with the same pattern bro!


I went to see Patreon that you were changing a tiger character. I think that's just great what 0.26.2 is! but I understand if you want to change and look for what would be appropriate but I hope you don't change :)




Eeeeeh, what?!

Deleted 47 days ago

You know that…you don't have to pay if you just wanna download the game.

Or you can use your credit card.


Great game I really enjoyed it! A shame the translation is not perfect but it is what it is.


I would really love to see some more detail into this story which has some great characters. Use similes and metaphors to describe the world around us and also to help us better understand the MC's emotions. 

Also, for a game about boxing, it feels empty when you don't establish things like north pole and south pole stances, actually teaching the mc how to throw a punch, make a proper fist, where to hold your fists in your stance. It's important to do these things so we can find the story believable, understand the growth of the MC, believe that Tiger actually knows what he is talking about, and it will be fun and engaging for the reader to learn something. 

How many love interests are there?

For now only 5

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Tengo un problema con la version0.26

Cuando elijo no comprar los pantalones ajustados me sale esto

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Vale, mala mía. Este error se acaba de solucionar y podrás hacer esa decisión sin problema en la versión 0.27.

Gracias por compartirlo

I would like to ask if it will be listed on Steam. As a Chinese player, I feel that it is a pity that I cannot pay to play.

It will not be available on Steam because NSFW and is much trouble. For now, there is no thoughts of moving to Steam

very good visual novel , but you have to consider about a hide bottom to see the cgi with more clarity

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There is many things I want to add on this VN, that's one.

May I ask when's the public release for 0.26.1? 😬

Public Update is always a month of wait.
Example: Update 0.26.1 3rd of September. Public on 3rd of October

Why I can't download the 0.26.1 update? When I tap "download now", version 0.25.1 popped up 

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You have to pay 3$ to get the 0.26.1 update, which is the Patreon one. In the future, you can download it in the future for free.


When I just read the beginning part of story and saw the Tiger's personality, I thought it would be a cliche story but turns out that It's super cute and well-writen! Really loved the cute characters and story writing. especially when it comes to where needs these sweetness with depth. I wonder if you would change the picture of the main menu and such to make it look fancier XD, and a tip or a suggestion here, things such as "Day xx" could be coded using screen to display the text in the center. Could teach you how to if you want or not knowing how lol. Overall, It's a really fantastic game! Can't wait to see what would happen next and what happen to the MC in the past <3


just saw the new main menu in 0.24, it looks so cuuute!!


Thank you for such a wonderful vn, it's really amazing!!! This is such a cool story and characters(I really love Presodal). I'm waiting for new updates. Thanks for your work ❤️❤️❤️


can't wait to see more on Darious route? quite a mistery guy heh? :'D


Could you add Darius's picture?

What do you mean? Where?

Here, does he has art?

He has sprites, but not CGs

Can you post a picture  of a scene where his sprite is?

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You mean this? This is a photo of 0.24, but it's okay


Oh my! I really really really love this game! It's so lovely! Looking forward to the next update <3

Couldn't say it better myself

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I am really loving this game so far, I'm really lucky I decided to scroll through the other visual novels and was able to find this. Out of all the visual novels I've tried, this really goes up to my top 3.  I'm enjoying playing this just as much as when playing Extraculicular Activities which speaks a lot since that has been going on for 6 years. The art and backgrounds also remind me of EA and Sileo, which makes me like this game even more. This game has a lot of potentials and I'll be waiting for all updates—especially Tiger's.


Omg thank you jajaja I'm glad you are loving this VN to the point to put it with thise two.

I'll try my best to give everything to everyone, that's a promise

Is the option to eat either the hamburger, french fries with meat, or chicken nuggets on our first dinner with Tiger have any change on the novel later on? Even simple dialog changes.

It's the only thing you'll eat for dinner every time you go to the restaurant with Tiger


i dont know i this is just me but some of the background imagines didn't load. is there a reason why this is happening to me?

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Because there is backgrounds that don't exist still

He is still working on the game, he obviously hasn't had time to make those backgrounds yet.


come on!


Just played one route and it's awesome so far :D 

gonna check the other ones bahaha

Also, dude!, which music is that that plays on Tiger's route when u r on the gym? I loved it bahaha so energetic!

Deleted 233 days ago

So, played all routes avaiable so far LOL 

this game is damn good! :D 

just something that made me curious: why the fck I can't skip the text that is repeated across the routes (which I read already read)  without turning on the option of skipping unseen text?


Because I'm stupid and didn't made those lines in the same file. Every route has a file, so you cannot skip the lines

oooh that LOL bahahaha

well, hope u r able to salvage it on further updates :D 

also, about the music...?

It's from the producer HieNa. You can find him on Soundcloud. The song is called "Hip-Hop Instrumental No.138"

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Found it. 

Hip Hop Instrumental No 138 Sampled Dark Chill Verse Trap Beat Prod HieNa - YouTube


Gonna wait for the next update now xP


I'm... I'm in love with Marcos holy hell


Who's Marcos?


o_o ........................................................................................................
Amm, okay? The best friend of YC


Is he a furry? Sorry I haven't had the chance to play through the VN since before the art change.


No, he is an alien from Secladivus galaxy. But looks like a wolf -3-
(I am joking, not being mean)


No, no, this is canon now. Long live the Secladivians!


Nooooo!!! I have yet to create a galaxy story with furrys, but not this!!

Really enjoying your game. So for the White Tiger is my favorite. The Tiger is my second favorite followed by the third be Darius. Only one character left to play through

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I'm on the English windows version and the VN crashes early in. Already posted about this, but I figured out the problem :3

The "baño" image is missing. I've just copied the "ba+|o" image and renamed it to baño and the game doesn't crash anymore. I also see there is no "gimnasio_noche" yet there is a "zonaprivada", which I've copied and renamed like the other missing image.

Not sure if there are coding differences between Spanish and English versions or what's happening here :/ anyone else have this problem?

I wanted to talk with you but didn't answer back, I guess. The image "gimnasio_noche" doesn't exist. It's gonna be a different scene, but I don't have it still

At least you got the problem solved. That error is really weird 'cause you're the only one who had it for now.

If there is another error, try to talk to me on Twitter. The best option I got

Hey ^^_ yeah sorry about that, I'm not on any other platform besides Fur Affinity. At least I'm able to finally see the new content~ n_n


Termine la vn, y no puede esperar mas, así que termine toda la novela en wattpad. Amé la historia.
Espero ver ahora las otras rutas.

i have a question, for the wattpad story is there an english version? i dont know how to translate it

No, there's no English version for the wattpad story. Maybe in the future, but not now

if im not mistaken you can copy paste the words at wattpad right..
so what if, you copy paste it then translate then copy the translated to your notepad or word then read..

That's an option, but have so many mistakes... I can try, but right now would give me problems of time

Hay un versión para Linux? Lo siento pero no quiero cambiar a Windows para jugar eso lol

La versión de PC es compatible con Linux. Si no fuera por tu comentario, no me habría dado cuenta de que no había marcado las plataformas compatibles de cada versión

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Darius and Marcos do be looking fine, shame we will never see them ever again... /j

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